Here at Italia Conti Newbury our part time classes are based on the Academy’s vocational curriculum and schedules are designed for individual choice. We have an extensive choice where pupils can take one subject or undergo a wide range of performance based classes.


Acro classes are designed to improve core stability, overall strength and flexibility. Classes cover a range of skills to support other subjects they take within the school. Skills included are :- Balances, power moves ( tumbles & flicks ) leaps and jumps. we also encourage students to work together in creating acrobatic balances, lifts and throws.


Students are encouraged to develop physical and vocal skills in imaginative ways through games, improvisation and by interacting with others students in group classes. Characterisation, including script work, and improvisation. Improvisation encourages creativity, and works on the development of the imagination. It encourages team building, self confidence and discipline.


As Ballet technique is the basis of all dance forms It takes time, effort and dedication to execute the classroom step to any given style, to make it natural, make it seamlessly connected, so that it is true and honest when performed.
ISTD examinations may be taken by suitable candidates and students are encouraged to pursue this but it is not compulsory. We also offer a Ballet Pointe Class for students who are Grade 5 and above.


Jazz dance is the ideal way to build your all round dance skills. it draws the best from all different styles and mixes them into something magical. Classes also cover the technical aspects of jazz dance including :- leaps, jumps, kicks and turns with students then translating these into their routines. It is simply great fun and a foundation to many other dance forms.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is unique to Italia Conti due to training in performance-based classes. Students build a lot of confidence in these classes by combining acting, singing and dance skills in production numbers from West End, Broadway Musicals and films. Teachers encourage pupils to develop and use their personalities as learning is developed across all 3 performance skills.


Modern is designed to give the dancer style. Focussing on core strength, posture and technique. Following the ISTD syllabus, we offer structured examinations classes from Grade 1 to Advanced 2 and our 100% pass rate reflects our commitment and dedication to our students.


In our classes students will cover a wide repertoire of musical theatre and pop .Pupils are given opportunities to study every genre and develop their solo skills as well as learning how to harmonise in groups. The importance of correct breathing and vocal technique is considered a vital part of class work. Not only is singing hugely enjoyable, but it’s an essential tool to help build self-confidence. London College of Music (LCM) examinations are offered for this subject for students who take private lessons.


Street dance is the umbrella that holds the 5 dance styles we know as Hip hop, House, Locking, Breaking and popping. This is a chance for students of all dancing abilities to learn the latest street dance styles.This genre of dance requires strength, agility and acrobatic skills, all of which students achieve through innovative coaching.


Tap is a popular, rhythmical dance skill enjoyed by students from age 4 upwards . We offer ISTD examination classes from primary to Advanced 2 level.

Pupils are encouraged to take Dance & Drama examinations when appropriate. Italia Conti Newbury is always introducing new skills into the curriculum to keep abreast of current trends and the demands of the profession. We often offer professional workshops which include, Musical Theatre, Acting for Camera etc.

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